COVID-19 Update

Dear BBAL Students and Parents,


The unprecedented events involving the Coronavirus and its effects on our communities and day to day lives have been staggering. This said, the organization wanted to update you all with regard to the following topics:




At this time if you have unsubmitted Community Action hours, please submit those asap via Students Page on the BBAL website.  With the safety and well being of our students in mind, WE ARE NOW SUSPENDING ANY FURTHER VOLUNTEER HOURS for the remainder of the year until further notice. Please also note the following: ALL JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENTS WILL GRADUATE from the Program. Final essays for Juniors and Seniors MUST STILL BE SUBMITTED to Sara Perry @ by March 31st.




At this time, the application process will continue. If a BBAL representative has already been to your school, please submit your application via the website online form rather than the paper form.  If your school is currently closed and no paper form is available, the online form is accessible on our website. To this end, the Teacher/School recommendation section of the application can be omitted due to the current situation. With regard to the application submission deadline currently due April 1st, WE ARE EXTENDING THE APPLICATION DEADLINE SUBMISSION TO WEDNESDAY, April, 15th.




Graduation Dates @ Temple Beth Or

Junior Graduation: Monday May 4th

Senior Graduation: Thursday May 7th


New Student/Parent Orientation Dates @ St John’s Episcopal Church, both at 5:30 p.m.

First Orientation: Monday May 11th

Second Orientation: Thursday May 14th


Conference Dates @ AUM Campus

Staff Week: June 1-June 5

Junior Week: June 8-June 12

Senior Week June 24-June 26


Please note the following: we intend to keep these dates and will obviously monitor ALL of them with the safety of all involved, and if necessary make needed changes. Thank you all in advance for your patience and dedication to BBAL. We will get through this together. If you have questions and or concerns, please email me, Ellen, or Sara.




Radney Ramsey

BBAL Board Chair



Radney P. Ramsey

McKesson Medical Surgical

334 328 9093 cell