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Your donation builds bridges in the lives of our students fostering hope and collaboration for stronger and more vibrant communities.


Your donation supports students as they develop into dedicated community leaders. Our scholarship program costs $1,500 per student, a cost that is not passed on to the student. This enables all students, regardless of economic abilities, to participate. As stewards of your contributions, we will ensure that it is maximized, an investment that will return dividends for years to come. 

We depend on your support to continue this work.  We believe we can change the face of our city and the future of our state by helping ordinary students find their voice, experience their power, and build positive relationships to do the extraordinary.


We certainly hope you will help us fulfill this mission by donating to the program. Your donation ​goes a long way...

  • $5     | One week of bottled water for scorching summer days!

  • $10   | All custom-printed educational materials

  • $25   | Two custom-printed T-shirts in red, blue, green, purple, teal, and gold!

  • $50   | Classroom decorations and supplies for six color groups!

  • $75   | Delicious, nutritious meals for the whole week!

  • $100 | All room, board, and miscellaneous expenses for one glorious day!


You may give any amount, and every donation is much appreciated!  Thank you so much for your contribution.

NOTE: Prices reflect cost for one student

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